gallerias lafayette champ elysees exterior

Galleries Lafayette New Concept Store.

gallerias lafayette champ elysees exterior
Image Source : Galeries Lafayette Instagram
Galerias Lafayette Champ Elysees

Hours: Monday to Saturday 10.30–00.00
Sunday 10.30–21.00

Address: 60, avenue des Champs-Elysées
Paris 75008

Iconic Parisian department store Gallerias Lafayette has opened up a new Flagship store on Paris famed boulevard Champs Elysees. As the first of its kind, the new Gallerias Lafayette is an experimentation of sorts, the first concept store on the scale of a department store. The new flagship spans over four flours with each devoted to a different theme, carrying the most up to market collections in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. The bottom floor features an expansive food hall incorporating the latest in gastronomic delights.

 The department store carries over 600 collections, featuring emerging designers and luxury brands. To provide customers with a more customized shopping experience, Galerias Lafayette has taken high-quality service to the next level, with over 150 personalized stylists, specializing in different niches, such as streetwear, beauty, luxury and many more. The store has embraced the latest in retail technology by utilizing smart hanger technology to provide shoppers with detailed product information such as availability of styles and sizes.

gallerias lafayette champ elysees sneaker section
Image Source: Galeries Lafayette Instagram
Galerias Lafayette Champ Elysees sneaker section

Staying true to the history of the brand Gallerias Lafayette has always been a leader in the retail industry. As one of the first department stores in Paris, born almost 200 yrs. ago Gallerias Lafayette has always managed to stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the most avant-garde trends into its stores and evolving to meet the needs of each new generation of shoppers.

The new space will function as a retail laboratory where the brand will test out new ideas and concepts.

The new Champ Elysees location is very much representative of the next evolution in retail, where stores will adapt to meet the needs of the new millennial customer, who is more interested in the overall experience of shopping versus just purchasing items.

gallerias laffeyette concept store backdrop
Image Source: Galerias Lafayette Instagram
Galerias Lafeyette concept store exhibition space

Many traditional retailers have had a hard time figuring out what appeals to this generation. However, as a Millennial myself, I can say that Gallerias Lafayette got it right this time.

The store has everything that matters to millennial shoppers, from Balenciaga, to street wear to a sneaker collection that could please the most discerning of sneaker heads, to an expansive vegan makeup collection.

On the lower level, Jacquemus & Caviar Kaspia teamed up with fashion designer Ralf Simons to create Café Citron, A popular Parisian dining venue known for its inspirational farm to table take on French provincial cuisine.  

Image Source : Galeries Lafayette Instagram
Cafe Citron

Gallerias Lafayette teamed up with cutting edge French fashion magazine System to provide a unique collection of rare fashion publications which will be featured on each floor.

For shoppers in need of the total look, the John Nollet styling bar is available every Friday from 4 to 9 p.m.

Not only does Galeries Lafayette’s new location offer guests a unique experience in terms of merchandise and services but it also serves as an inspirational space as well. Upon entering the space, visitors walk through a long space like tunnel with glowing lights. The shop also features a gallery space devoted to installations.

Image Source : Galeries Lafayette Instagram
Galeries Lafayette Tunnel

The ground floor features an in shop boutique dedicated to the Famous London Dover street market concept store.

From Foodies to Fashionistas to Lifestyle Enthusiasts, to picture perfect interior design made for the perfect Instagram shoot, the store has something to offer everyone. What do you think? Will you be visiting the Galeries Lafayette Concept on your next trip to Paris?


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