Corso Como 10 NYC

Corso Como 10 NYC

Written by Channele Sawyer

At last Corso Como NYC is opened. The Milanese born concept store has been a landmark in shopping among fashion editors for decades. Over the past several years Corso Como has opened up shops in Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo, and now finally the U.S.  The New York location is located on Fulton street, in New York’s bustling South Street Seaport district adjacent to Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.  

Corso Cormo 10’s NYC location is much like the Milanese Flagship, including a garden, a restaurant, men’s and women’s collections, and a book store offering the most Avante guard publications in the fashion industry.


Corso Como 10 was officially born in Milan in 1991. Named after the shop’s literal street address, Corso Como 10 is truly a pioneer when it comes to the world of Concept Shops. A one of a kind shop, started by former fashion editor, Carla Sozzani in 1990. Corso Como 10 began as Galleria Sozzani, a converted garage turned art gallery. Soon after, the shop expanded to include a garden café and bookstore, featuring both classic and modern publications from around the globe covering art, architecture, literature, graphics, photography, and music collections from around the world. The shop we know today as Corso Como 10 was truly born in 1991, as an expansion of the original gallery concept that lives on in the DNA of all of the shops today.

“At the heart of the idea was her love of photography and her vision of creating a living magazine, a space into which one could walk and live an experience”.

The Vision

As a pioneer in the world of Concept shops in the 1990s, Corso Como 10’s sophisticated interiors were designed by Kris Russ, a native New Yorker, who is still responsible for all of the shop’s designs today.

The design aesthetic began with the idea that art could become a part of everyday life and incorporating art into everyday objects as seen in the intricate glass designs of the interior.

Carla Sozzani’s vision for Corso Como 10 was to create a living magazine, a space in which one could walk into and live an experience. This experience extends far beyond the decorum but can be felt in the selection of unique collections the shop carries as well. The shop expanded on its Gallery Concept to feature its own branded and co-branded products, in addition to collaborations and capsule collections with international designers. The shop carries many hard-to-find Avant-Garde Collections from designers such as Comme De Garcons, Junya Watanabe, Alaia, Dsquared 2, and many more.

“The Corso Como 10 philosophy is centered on an experimental lifestyle which revolves around the confluence of culture and commerce, blending fashion, design, dining, art, and music in a unique, carefully curated experience. Corso Como 10 is an ever-evolving experience to generate new cultural ideas and perspectives”.

The Space

The New York location features a gallery space, an award-winning Italian restaurant, and cafe as well as both men’s, women’s, and lifestyle collections. The restaurant takes a minimalistic approach to simplistic Italian specialties served by globally renowned chef Jordon Frosolone. Keeping with the Milanese tradition, apperitivos are served every Thursday evening from 5 to 8 p.m. The restaurant offers brunches on weekends, in addition to private dining events.

 Corso Como 10 is truly one of those iconic shops that defines fashion. When I first stepped into the shop 15 yrs. ago, I knew I was embarking on something special.  A sensory shopping experience unlike no other. Stepping into a magical world of inspiration. A world all of its own, Corso Como 10 is in a league by itself. What do you think? Will you be visiting Corso Como 10 on your next trip to New York?



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