Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 51 W

5 Comfy COVID Fashion Staples to Add To your Wardrobe this Fall

Written by Jackie Condura & Curated by Channele Sawyer

The global pandemic has had a major influence on fashion. Last spring, with stay at home orders in full effect, and many of the world’s population sheltering in place, a new trend began to emerge. The trend of dressing for comfort. In a world where zoom meetings, homeschooling, and working from bed became the new norm. Sweats and fuzzy blankets became an integral part of our everyday wardrobes, and fuzzy blankets are the biggest accessory. In these times of uncertainty, as the world begins to slowly open up, with many of us no longer quarantined to our homes, many of us want to cling on to that feeling of comfort and security associated with staying at home. As a result, the idea of the “Self Soothing Wardrobe” has become one of the most sought after trends for fall (Vogue, 2020). A look characterized by taking all of the comfy things we love most about the inside, and wearing them out.” Styles such as blanket dressing, puffer jackets, long wrap-around scarves, and fuzzy knits will provide us with that warm cozy feeling, long after we’ve left our beds. Although the Fall 20 collections were designed prior to Covid, ironically many of the designers already had this look in mind. Bottega Veneta, Alexander Wang, and Rick Owens completely nailed this look by presenting a strong collection of statement outerwear, luxe sweatsuits, and quilted shopper bags for fall. With that in mind, here a list of all of the Comfy Covid Fashion staples to add to your “Self Soothing ” wardrobe this fall.

Blanket Dressing

Blanket dressing refers to using cozy items such as clothing, outerwear, and accessories as a way to replicate the feeling of being at home surrounded by a blanket. This trend began during the pandemic as we were all quarantined to our homes. As we start to reemerge back into society during an uncertain time, we want to take that feeling of security and comfort we relish from home. As a result, we have begun to incorporate this aesthetic into our wardrobes. This trend has been seen most notably on outerwear, combined with either a sport or a street-chic look. Other staples include cozy knitwear, as well as wraparound scarves, and other swaddled looks.

Rick owens Fall 2020
Rick owens Fall/Winter 2020 Courtesy of
Rick Owens FallWinter 2020
Rick Owens FallWinter 2020 Courtesy of
Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 04 W 1
Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 04 W 1

Blanket Dressess

Big flowy dresses in this silhouette have ample space to snuggle under providing easy wearability and a little extra warmth when needed. They’re generally oversized and have exaggerated details. Hence the name, this is a fuss free fashion statement.

Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2020 courtesy of
Zara Cowl Neck dress
Soft Feel Jumpsuit

Cozy Outerwear

The ultimate piece in this comfy fashion trend is cozy outerwear. A key item for achieving this look and capturing the trend is necessary as we embrace leaving the comfort of our homes. Teddy bear coats, furs and more are the layering toppers for this style. As an added bonus to be fashionable, these trendy outerwear essentials will also keep you warm and enveloped in your own personal cocoon.  

Staud fussy coat
Chilla Shanghai faux fur coat
Chilla Shanghai faux fur coat

Statement Puffers

Puffer coats have been around for a few seasons, but now they are bigger and better. This practical and functional lightweight jacket is great for those with an active lifestyle but versatile enough to use as your staple coat and go with all your outfits. The longer length will keep you protected from the elements and they are usually found in a quilted or padded aesthetics. The materials that make up the volume of this signature style are various types of filling to retain heat for that toasty feeling. This season, look for them in fun trending colors and patterns.

Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 57 W
Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 57 W
Elastic Trim Padded Jacket
faux leather padded bomber
77085905 05 D2

Wear With

77005133 02
Reversable Bomber
Faux leather puffer coat
vinyl puffer jacket

Wear With

black knit jumpsuit
knit jumpsuit
High shouldered sweater dress

Bubble Coats

Another coat that is trending this season is the bubble coat. If you truly want to keep yourself bundled up and feel confined to your own bubble this one checks off that box. The bubble coat is a variation of the puffer coat. It has the same features but a more rounded design to elicit the feeling of being encircled in your space.

Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 07 W
Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 07 W
hooded puffer coat blue
Pink Puffer Coat

Wear With

pale yellow leather boots
pale yellow leather boots

Luxe Sweats

Sweatsuits were a big trend during lockdown, with the rise of athleisure and casual dressing taking place, covid catapulted, this trend to the forefront. The classic jersey sweatsuit is no longer considered as rags. This season sweats underwent a chich sartorial makeover, with a little bit of street. When it came to this look, Alexander Wang did it best, by combining it with the quilted shopper bag, my favorite bag of the season !!!! This look can be dressed up or dressed down and is worn best under a statement puffer.

3597121807 1 1 1
3597121807 6 1 1
3597122807 6 1 1
6771116537 1 1 1
5039462727 1 1 1
basic swatshirt
plush jogging sweatpans
Plush sweatshirt

white sweatpants
Tom Fords hodded sweatshirt dess

Quilted Bags

These hip oversided bags are the perfect statement accessorie to add to your Covid-19 wardrobe. These hip oversized bags are the perfect statement accessories to add to your Covid-19 wardrobe. The classic texture and diamond weave patterned carry all is ideal to hold all your necessities like hand sanitizer and masks. Iconically made famous by Chanel and now widely reinvented, this IT bag is a must have this season.   From Bottegga Veneta, to Off – White and Alexander Wang, Quilted Bags are the bag of the season.

Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 51 W
Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 51 W
Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 49 M
Bottega Veneta PF20 LOOK 49 M


farfetch Off White padded square tote
Quilted Shopper bag
Mango black quilted shopper bag
metallic tote
Patent finish tote bag


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Jackie Condura

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