A Glimpse Inside Sketch, London’s Dream Like Michelin Star Restaurant

Sketch London

Address : 9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG, UK

Telephone : + 44 20 7659 4500

Hours: 2AM ⋅ Reopens 7AM

If you are a lover of design inspired trendy travel then Sketch should definitely be on your Itinerary for your next trip to London. The concept restaurant was founded by chef Mourad Mazouz and Pierre Gagnaire. The Two Michelin starred restaurant and teahouse, gives off an Alice and Wonderlandesque vibe. The combination of tea, the decorum, and the pastries transport guest to a dreamlike world. When it comes to the design style all I can say is whimsical. Sketch is by far one of the most Intsagrammable places in London. According to the Financial Times, Sketch is the place where Haute Couture and Haute Cuisine collide. Sketch is a living changing space. When it comes to design, the creators continuously reinvent the space so guests never get bored. When it comes to the dining, Sketch’s cuisine is just as inspirational as its design. Known for its plates which reflect conceptual gastronomic delights and molecular dining. Sketch first made its way on London’s dining scene in 2003 and has been a staple ever since. The refurbished 18th-century townhome offers visitors a lot in terms of visual delights. The eclectic restaurant offers guest a unique experience of fine dining artistic style. The design style offers a mix of artful cuteness.

The conceptually designed space features a gallery characterized by “Forever Pink”, designed in collaboration with designer India Madhavi and artist David Shrigley whos adorable artwork can be found hanging on the walls. In the afternoon guest can stop by for tea. By evening space transforms into a fashionable restaurant. The Lecture Room and Library is a truly inspirationally designed space, offering a mix of classic French elegance and a sophistic take on psychedelic retro inspiration. Vibrantly colored walls upholstered in rich textiles and a fresco painted ceiling characterize the design space transporting guests into a dreamlike state. The Parlour offers guest breakfast by day and music and cocktails by night. The design has been described as a mix of funky and eclectic boudoir with art inspired print upholstered furniture and quirky floral retro inspired lamps one will never be visually bored. Space features a whimsical garden characterized by striking shades of electric blue and terracotta and an eclectic combination of vibrantly colored plants. Perhaps the dreamiest space of all, The Glade offers guests breakfast and lunch in a whimsical atmosphere transformed into an enchanted forest of evergreen and a twilight lounge offering cocktails and snacks. Last but not least, the East Bar and Pod is a Mod-inspired space, with an element of minimalistic futuristic design. The modular shaped bar is an evening space featuring live music and cocktails. Take a look at the Inspirationally Designed space below.

Forever Pink Inspiration meets David Shrigley Artwork@Sketch London

Image Source: Sketch.com
Sketch Gallery

French Classic meets Retro Inspiration Upholstered Walls @ Sketch London

Image Source: Sketch.com
The Lecture Room and Library
Image Source: Sketch.com
The Lecture Room and Library

Enchanted Ever Green Forest @ The Glade

Image Source: Sketch.com
The Glade@ Sketch London

Molecular Dining@Sketch London

Image Source: Sketch London
Eclectic plate
@ The Glade Sketch London
Image Source: Sketch London
The Garden@Sketch London

Modular Bar@Sketch London

Image Source: Sketch London Instagram
The East Bar and Pod@Sketch London



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