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10 Cool Hotels to Discover on Instagram

In today's world Instagram plays an important role of discovery for travelers. In fact, research indicates that a high percentage of Millennials and Gen Z's look to Instagram for ideas on where to travel. As a result, more and more hospitality companies are looking to the platform to discover the next trends in travel. Consequently, this trend began to influence hotel design, with more and more brands leaning towards Instagramability.

The Dive Motel

This Nashville, Tennessee Hotel screams Disco!!! The retro interiors and vintage upholstery are something straight out of a 60’s scene. The original motel structure, and the vintage signage have been the backdrop of many an Instagram selfie. The hotel is an affiliate property of Urban Cowboy, an experiential hospitality group with several hotels and bars around the country, known for its Cowboy themed concepts, and western inspired interiors.

Formerly known as the Motor INN, the 1956 hotel was in ruins when the current owners took over and restored it to its glory.

The motels roots run deep with a colorful history illuminating the Musical Cities colorful origins. Dickerson Pike was known throughout the 1950’s as the site where many musicians came to crash. With Nashville legends such as Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Hank Williams all known for making regular appearances during the Motor Inns heyday.

In 2019, the historic Nashville landmark reopened as The Dive Motel, under the creative direction of Urban Cowboy. These days, The Dive Motel includes a Dive Bar, Motel, Swim Club, and 23 rooms, all of which are uniquely designed to reflect a distinct vintage aesthetic. Hints of the Motor Inns original décor can be seen throughout the motel’s present-day design.  The vintage style furnishings and retro color pallet, point to a legendary time in the motel’s history. This combined with cabin like features, hand painted murals by local artists, bright lights, and disco balls, give the rooms an Instagram worthy aesthetic.

Too add even more to the retro ambiance, all rooms come with a custom party switch to activate the disco ball, and Dive Radio the Dives very own radio station, made up of 4 channels, all playing Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!!!! & Most importantly Sleep!!!  To wind down after an evening of partying.

In Memphis, and accidentally booked another hotel? No worries, you can always stop by the SWIM Club to take a Dive!! LOL, just joking !! Ironically, diving is forbidden!!! Hence the vintage “No Diving “mural. Which coincidentally is one of the most Instagramed spots at the Dive.  Anyhow, the pool is open to the public seven days a week, starting at noon, and hosts parties with bright lights and a live DJ spinning revival.

The world-renowned Dive Bar is also available to outside guests. It is open 7 days a week, “Serves Hot Food”, “Cold Drinks”, and “Good Times “all to the backdrop of a vintage checkerboard floor aesthetic.  Don’t forget you must be 21 + to enter. For guests looking to take a piece of the Dive Motel home, no worries, the motel has its very own memorabilia available for purchase.

The Goodtime Hotel Miami

The hip Collins ave. hotel opened in July of last summer. The idea behind the Good Time is simple, ” Have a Good Time”. The concept is centered on relaxation, enjoyment, and getting “Lost in the Moment”. The location is situated on an entire city block, away from the hustle and bustle of Miami. This location was intentionally selected to provide a feeling of escapism, fueled by an urban oasis.

Designed by Ken Folk, the 266 room, seven story hotel is themed as a collection of intimate spaces. A collection of experiential concepts all housed under one roof to facilitate the exploration of senses. From shared experiences, to mind calming meditation, soul transporting music and, a gastronomic experience that stimulates the senses. The Goodtime Hotel provides its guests with a “Whimsical, Community Cultivating, Immersive, Mood Elevating Experience”.

Strawberry Moon, The Good Time’s main protagonist and a regular backdrop of many a Insta Gram shot, was themed after the Summer Solicistice. The indoor- outdoor ambience features a Palm Tree lined pool, and a colorful Mediterranean meet “Club House Classics “menu, all in a candy-colored atmosphere.

The Pool at Strawberry Moon is an eclectic mix of an Art-Deco inspired fusion, with hints of Old Havanna (), meets the Beverly. Judging by the popularity on Instagram, this spot is highly photogenic.  Soft pastel palettes of coral, pale mint, and white, accented by bold stripes, and Palm tree-lined runway, all come together to provide a one of a kind, one of a kind, eclectic Instagram worthy aesthetic.  The Pool also features an open- air bar, stylish cabanas, a private V.I.P. section and transforms into a day club on Saturday. I predict Strawberry Moon will likely be the location of many shows during swim week.


Other Instagrammable spots at the Good Time is the library, another colorful space, with a café like vibe, where guests can catch up on business, and browse the latest books on art and fashion.

See, I told you this hotel is all about Having a Good Time!!! Need to get that heart rate pumping? No problem. You can work out at the Good Time too!! The gym is an indoor-outdoor concept, Equipped with state-of-the-art Peloton Bikes for all of my Soul Cycle Junkies!!

The Giraffe Manor, Nairobi Kenya

Although, this hotel is not new, due to its popularity on social media, I could not write a story about Instagram without mentioning it!

The Giraffe Manor is by far one of the most popular hotels on social media, and one of the most instagrammed properties in the world. Set on 12 acres of private land, and 140 acres of indigenous forests, Giraffe’s roam freely. Guests can interact with the Giraffes in ways not available on a typical Safari. We have all seen those pictures on Instagram of influencers feeding the animals, and the Giraffes peeking their heads through the windows. 

The Manor is part of the Safari Collection, and has existed since the 1930’s, when tourists the world over began flocking to Kenya to explore Safari’s. The manor blossomed in popularity due to its rare collection of Rothchilds Giraffes, known for their unique color, and an endangered species.

When visiting the Manor, it is stated that many guests feel like they are in a scene from the Out of Africa Movie, by author Ken Blixen, which one of the rooms is named after.

Although the property has been around for almost a century, you can thank Instagram, and its 2009 restoration for its recent boom in popularity. The original Manor began as a hunting lodge in the 1930’s.  When the recent owners took over more than a decade ago, the property was revamped with a look that is more modern. Today, the 12 -room boutique hotel, is divided into 2 parts, with 6 rooms in the original manor, and the additional 6 rooms in the garden manor. Details from the original designs remain, to reveal the rich history of the manor. 

Apart from the luxuriousness, the best part of the experience is that guests can enjoy one of a kind exclusive experience, and up-close interaction with the animals, like breakfast, fine dining, and afternoon tea all with the Giraffes!!

 The grounds also recently added a wellness retreat, which is situated 80 miles from the main manor.

The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles

Although the hotel has been around now for over a century it has experienced quite a resurgence in popularity due to its Instagramability. Part of the Dorchester collection and nicknamed the “Pink Palace” this hotel certainly lives up to its name, The Beverly is probably the most photographed hotel on social media. Thus, making it the most Instagrammable, it is always the backdrop of daily influencer feeds. As the most photographed feature of the space, the protagonist is the Hotels famed Martinique Banana Wallpaper, which has taken on an entire persona of its own, reaching iconic status. With plant wallpaper trending over the last several years, one might think that the wallpaper was a re-vamp to the brands Aesthetic.  Ironically enough the wallpaper has long been a part of the hotel’s aesthetic.  As it was created in 1949, by legacy Southern California design firm CW Anderson and has been a mainstay in the hotel ever since. It was during this period that the Beverly underwent its massive renovation. The Wallpaper has even been featured in several films, such as one of my favorite Netflix miniseries Hollywood, a miniseries that supposedly spills all of the secrets of Old Hollywood in a postmodern era, Anyhow, that’s a story for another time!!.

Ironically enough, the Beverly has existed before Beverly Hills itself, and was an integral part of the growth of the area. The famous Font of the Hotel is trademarked and was created in the 1950’ s by Paul Williams, in which a suite was named after. The hotel was painted pink in 1948 and has been referred to as the Pink Palace ever since then, and its aesthetic continues to live up to its name. The Beverly celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012 and was made the first official Beverly Hills landmark.

Palazzo Experimental Venice

Voted Venice Film Festivals top 20 by Conde Nast Traveller, Palazzo Experimental is certainly worth a stay on your next trip to Venice.  The chic/stylish 32 room design hotel is in the heart of Venice at the Dorsoduro district/square and situated along the Giudecca Canal and features executive suites that offer close up views of the Canal. The hotel is owned by Experimental, the hospitality group behind the famed Parisian outpost Experimental, whom can be credited with bringing craft/culture culture to Paris. The group started in 2007, with concept of popularizing NYC craft culture abroad. Today, the brand has extended its reach, to many cosmopolitan outposts around the globe. whose philosophy involves bringing a hospitality company with chic outposts in London, New York, Ibiza, Menorca, Paris, and Verbial. The group is known for its philosophy of crafting unique / contemporary hospitality experiences by merging the worlds of, craft culture, locally sourced gastronomy, and wines supported by a team of chefs, sommeliers, concierges and support staff.

The Venetian outpost is divided into three main spaces which feature the chic 32 room which offers a blend of Classic Italian Style and touch of Experimental designed by Dorothée Meilichzon, Bar Experimental Cocktail Club, the 3rd location following London and Paris,  which offers/ capitalizes the craft cocktails the group is known for, a tribute to the groups speakeasy heritage, the concept the group is known for, the bar was designed by , the design for the bar can be credited to one of Italy’s rising stars most sought after Cristina Celectino.The design for the bar includes antique mirrors and a polyphony of marbles inspired by Carlo Scarpa. The location/ space/ building features three separate entrances that led onto a courtyard and situated along a canal. Style is contemporary with … furnishings, with bold/elegant s, sophisticated contemporary touches. was founded in collaboration with Italian Supper Club Owners  Silvio Pezzana and Toto Dell’Aringa the owners of .The onsite restaurant Adriatica, offers a contemporary and playful take on local Adriatic Cuisine, plate are remixed in a modern a playful manner, ingredients are sourced regionally, playfulness, innovation, and creativity putting a new spin on Adriatic cuisine, Experimental Cocktail bar includes a bespoke lists of regionaly carefullycurated wines along with bespoke Experimental cocktails made of locally sourced ingredientscelebrates the regional gastronomical/ fare heritage by utlising locally sourced ingredients. Design for the hotel is Italian contemporary style with a hint of Experimental, and all of the beauty of the canals and surrounding cenography, black drop of Venice, contemporary colorful rich in color backdrop of Venice.The hotel design reflects the beauty of the surrounding Venice.

Hotel Madame Rive Paris

Hotel Madame Rive could not have opened at a more perfect time and place, The chic Parisian hotel Opened earlier this year around the same time as with the famed LVMH owned Luxury department store, Le Samaritan, and coincidentally it is only stone’s throw away. Situated in the 19th century Louvre post office building Paris chic …. District, Hotel Madame Rive is in world of its own, away. Hotel Madame Reve represents the new class in Parisian luxury / high end stays. The 5-star hotel offers panoramic views of the city, along with a wide abundance of rooftop views surrounded by green living spaces. The 82-room hotel is characterized by woods and rich elegant brow fabric and offers 82- uniquely designed rooms all of which boasts breath taking views, along with a vertical sky garden and views of some of the city’s most sought after monuments. The hotel offers two intriguing gastronomical experiences, La Plume, serves Japanese cuisine with panoramic views of the city, and Madam Reve Café serves high end Mediterranean fare. What sticks out most to be is the Hotels contemporary collection of artworks.

Urban Cowboy

If you are a fan of all things glitz and glamor, then this Hotel Group should be on your radar for your next weekend getaway. Urban Cowboys is Southwestern Deco, meets Rockstar paired with glamping, all bundled up into one unforgettable stay.

Known for its Cowboy themed concepts, and western inspired interiors.  Urban Cowboys is the hip hospitality group behind the famous Lodge, located in New York’s Catskill mountains, Public House, and The Dive Motel in Nashville.

 For the owners, the association with Cowboy represents a sense of freedom. The power of transformative design and forging social connections. The concept behind the group was to create a place where guests can play music, have a drink, take a bath, and fall in love with the place as a special one-of-a-kind oasis for travelers. Although this might sound simple, the golden bathtubs, the custom designed wallpaper, elaborate interior design, and one of a kind revamped furniture will quickly show you that minimalism is not on Urban Cowboys radar.

Star Dome Peru

The Tree Hotel Sweden

Tent Hotels, Palma De Mallorca



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Palazzo Experimental 2

10 Cool Hotels to Discover on Instagram

In today’s world Instagram plays an important role of discovery for travelers. In fact, research indicates that a high percentage of Millennials and Gen Z’s look to Instagram for ideas on where to travel. As a result, more and more hospitality companies are looking to the platform to discover the next trends in travel. Consequently, this trend began to influence hotel design, with more and more brands leaning towards Instagramability.

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