A Glimpse Inside Miss Sixty Cafe the Pinkest Dining destination in Milan

Miss Sixty Cafe

Address : Piazza del Duomo, 31, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Website : https://www.instagram.com/misssixtycafe/?hl=en


If you are a lover of all thinks Pink, Mrs. Sixty Café is a must-see on your next trip to Milan!!! The adorable concept cafe is located on the second floor of the Mrs. Sixty flagship shop, situated in the heart of Milan’s Fashion District, at Piazza del Duomo 31. Often referred to as one of the Pinkest Places in Milan, Miss Sixty Café offers a light playful atmosphere to its visitors. The fact that the cafe is characterized by Millennial Pink comes as no surprise given Mrs. Sixty’s obsession with all thinks cute!!! The hip Italian streetwear brand is known for its ultra-feminine aesthetic and a strong connection to pop culture.

The space is designed in a way that creates the picture-perfect backdrop for an Instagram shot. The design vibe feels very much of the moment!!! The aesthetic characterizes everything that has been trending on Instagram in the past few years, from Palm tree inspired wallpaper to a Millennial Pink Sofa.  The cafe even offers teas and signature cappuccinos with foamed based heart-shaped designs all in Millennial pink!!! Capitalizing even further on cuteness, the café serves heart-shaped cookies and other signature specialties on the brands adorable artistically inspired plates.

The adorable cafe comes as no surprise, given the millennial obsession with capturing experiences. Given the decline in retail sales, and the Millennial obsession with all things Instagram, Brands are taking note and more and more stores are beginning to adapt, by offering shoppers unique visually captivating experiences that will play out well on social media. I for one am a fan of this kind of aesthetic, and I hope to see much more collaborations of this type in the future. What do you think? Will you be visiting Mrs. Sixty Café on your next trip to Milan?



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