LMS Wellness London

LMS London
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Address : 35 Ixworth Pl, Chelsea, London SW3 3QX, United Kingdom

Website : https://www.lmswellness.com/


Artistry Meets Medical Wellness

LMS Wellness
dr. valli
LMS London
Image source: @lms.wellness

LMS wellness is where artistry meets Medical Wellness. The luxurious med spa specializes in aesthetic medicine and holds a unique and privileged role in this space. The vision for LMS was born out of the idea to merge wellness in a futuristic space to deliver cutting edge techniques all an urban retreat-like setting.
LMS Wellness London is headed by brother and sister duo Dr. Vali and Dr. Enayat. The exclusive appointment only luxury med spa specializes in wellness and modern cosmetology. Globally recognized for her talent, Dr. Vali is a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, and was dubbed by Harpers Bazaar Arabia as “The Woman Behind the World’s Most Beautiful.” Not a fan of the overdone Instagram aesthetic, Dr. Vali takes on a personalized holistic approach to beauty through custom-made treatments, with an emphasis on rejuvenation from the inside out. To many of the world’s elite, LMS is known as the world’s best-kept beauty secret, Dr. Vali is known for taking men and women of all ages and ethnicities on the ultimate journey to optimal health, beauty, and confidence.

dr. enyat
LMS London
Image source: @lms.wellness

Drawn to the world of functional medicine, Dr. Enayat’s methodology consists of embracing a variety of disciplines to create the perfect mélange of youth and vitality realized through health optimization. He draws inspiration from the worlds of ancient eastern therapies and traditional western medicine and fuses the two to create an innovative edge to wellness.


LMS London
Image source: @lms.wellness

LMS treats both men and women from all cultural backgrounds and has expertise in addressing the specific needs of a diverse range of clients, in addition to having a global team of experts on staff. LMS was founded on the concept that clients could be inspired to revitalize their skin and their health and indulge in a therapeutic retreat from the dynamic pace of the modern world. LMS Wellness cultivated a highly specific way of working, which encompasses a machine free methodology. The clinic was founded with the principle in mind of nourishing the cosmopolitan contemporary demand for the educated approach to wellbeing. LMS Wellness is recognized for offering effective cutting edge technologies along with experience led immersive client care and holistic health management reinforced by Dr. Enayat’s many years of expertise.


LMS London
Image source: @lms.wellness

The London facility is an innovative and inspirational space that takes holistic beauty to a whole new level. That includes a Face Lab to treat Acne and Rosacea along with other areas of concern, such as fine lines and sun damage due to aging. The Skin and Body Lab takes a personal approach to rejuvenation by using the body’s natural resources to achieve the desired result. The Hair Lab addresses issues related to hair growth and thinning. Where the client’s very own stem cells, growth factors, and PRP are used to boost microcirculation. The Medical Wellness Bio-Hacking Lab is a definite novelty within itself. Personalized assessments are made where epigenetics are taken into account, along with the metabolic, hormonal, digestive, and physiological state to support clients in attaining the benefits of optimal health. Such as reduced brain fog, gut health, weight loss, increased libido, immunity boosts, along with a better overall physical and mental state. Biohacking therapies are used to create personalized programs along with individualized and nutritional medicines, along with stem cell, crypto, and ozone therapies

The world-class Biohacking bar offers prescription grade supplements, nutritionally potent tincture teas, smoothies, and coffees, all derived from powerful herbs and adaptogens that enhance Bio-Hacking therapies. All herbs are specially designed by the in house herbalist. The Mind Lab features a Meditation Pod to help release unconscious blocks and to provide neurofeedback.

LMS Wellness boasts quite an elite clientele ranging from international royalty to Victory Secret supermodels, and many A- list celebrities. With an impressive portfolio of wellness services such as this, we can definitely see how the rich and famous remain beautiful and youthful? LMS has definitely unlocked the key to the magical elixir of health and beauty.



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