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Check out this Winter 2021 Shopping Guide to Preppy Girl Style

Preppy Girl Style

We are most familiar with this style reminiscent of the ’80s, a time when this famous fashion ruled a good part of the decade. Embraced by everyone, from Royals to streetwear influencers. Everyone has taken part in adding this tailored trend into their wardrobes. Preppy dressing is having a rebirth and exploding again with a modern update. Overall, the same elements of this trademark collegiate aesthetic are still present. A classic wardrobe of crisp, clean basics that represent a polished and elevated look are the foundation.  Putting a new twist on this style also referred to as academia, is specifically the color palettes. There is what is known as light and dark versions. Shades of brighter, lighter neutrals and pastels would correspond versus a darker, deeper fall like color scheme accordingly.

Achieving this look is easily attainable by incorporating timeless pieces into your wardrobe. Traditional items like blazers, cashmere sweaters, button down shirts, cardigans, dainty florals, tartan plaids and argyle are some of the essential staples required to nail the mood. Minimal accessories like pearls, stud earrings and loafers are perfect for completing the elegant varsity vibe.

This look is widely appealing because it transcends age groups and can even be applied to the work from home wardrobe we require right now.  As we move forward in returning to the workplace, it’s likely the transitioning dress code will be more business casual making this the perfect style to wear.  A benefit to this trend is that it’s practical. With the pieces centered around many items that are closet necessities, the selections can be worn almost anywhere and will never go out of style!

Editors Picks

Zara blue plaid knit coat
Zara blue plaid knit coat
orange jewel button cardigan
Zara Orange jewel button cardigan
textured weave jumpsuit 1
Zara textured weave jumpsuit
violet jewel button cable knit cardigan
Zara Violet jewel button cable knit cardigan
violer jewel button double breasted cardigan
Zara Violet jewel button double breasted cardigan
white combination collar blouse
Zara white combination collar blouse
Zara tangerine cable knit cardigan
Zara tangerine cable knit cardigan
argyle knit cardigan
Zara Argyle knit cardigan
jewel button knit cardigan
Zara light pink jewel button knit cardigan
Sandro SFPSH00095 A234 V P
Sandro Paris Herringbone weave shorts
light blue jewel button cardigan
Zara light blue jewel bow button cardigan
textured weave mini skirt
Zara textured weave mini skirt
Zara plaid blazer
Zara plaid blazer
zara plaid miniskirt
Zara plaid miniskirt
zara double breasted buttoned blazer
Zara double breasted buttoned blazer
Zara plaid shorts with buttons
Zara plaid shorts with buttons
Zara plaid pinafore dress
Zara plaid pinafore dress
Sandro SFPRO01225 20 V 1
Sandro Paris Balloon-sleeved dress
Sandro SFPJU00476 30 V 1
Sandro Paris Fancy Tweed Short Skirt and Top
Sandro SFPRO01443 11 V 5
Sandro Paris Tweed Dress in Mini Jacquard
cropped fancy cardigan
Sandro Paris Cropped Fancy Cardigan

Pair With

Zara beaded mini bag
Zara beaded mini bag
Sandro SFACH00524 11 V 1
Sandro Paris White Leather Loafers


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