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Trendy – Traveller.com is always looking for up to date information on the coolest happenings around the globe. Are you a food enthusiast, street style officiando? nightlife enthusiasts or wellness junkie? Just shoot us an email at channele@trendy-traveller.com to have your stories featured on our web site.

Are you a food enthusiasts, street style officonado, nightlife expert. Trendy-Traveller is always looking for contributors to tell interesting stories about their city. To have your strory featured on our webste please reach out to us at channele@trendy-traveller.com.


Trendy- Traveller.com is always looking for new venues around the globe. Do you consider yourself to be a tastemaker in your city? We are always interested in shop openings, restaurants, hotels and gallery openings, events, or just about anything cool happening in your city? For advertising inquiries please contact us at channele@trendy-traveller.com.