Although Ibiza is mostly known for its nightlife, as an Island it is very diverse. One can find anything here from laid back hippy enclaves to the charming streets of Ibiza town, to it all. Just follow the links below to get a glimpse into some of Ibizas most fascinating tourist attractions.

Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is the capital of the Island and it has it all. It has many of the characteristics of a typical mediterranean port town and much more. Such as lovely cobble stoned streets, art galleries, wonderful restaurants and even chic boutiques. It is surrounded by the lovely port, it is also rather large and includes is centrally located near two beaches Talamanca and Figurettes.  There are no shortage of chic bars and also it is home to the famous nightclub Pacha.


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Dalt Villa


The meaning of Dalta Villa is uppertown, and the name says it all. It is an ancient uphill cobblestone road which leads to a castle and a fort, located in Old Town Ibiza. The uphill road is lined with boutiques and vendors offering artisanal Ibizan crafts along with other treasures. In addition to this there are also many well known restaurants along the path offering anything from local specialties to chic gastronomy.  The ancient path is truly a mirage of Balearic history , which houses elements of everything from the Islands phoenician history, to roman stones to traces of the islands Arabian conquest history.

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La Dalias

Las Dalias is unarguably the most famous of the hippy markets in Ibiza. Located in St.Eulalia, the market has something for everyone from the jewelry to the traditional Ibizan clothing, which is called Adlib clothing. The market takes place every  starting from May 1st to October 31st.  The venders offer an eclectic mix of clothing costume jewellery, sandalwood, exotic musical instruments , ethnic music CDs and much more. The market also includes restaurants and cafes, in addition to live concerts and art shows from the islands local painters and sculptors.


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Atzaro Ibiza






Atzaro Ibiza is perhaps one of the most interesting places in Ibiza. Located in the hills of St.Eulalia, the chic Zen inspired local is mostly known for its restaurant, which serves a mix of upscale seafood inspired by a blend of contemporary Spanish and modern Balearic cuisines. In addition to this the sophisticated local also has a hotel , swimming pools and sophisticated gardens on its premises.  Although Atzaro is great to visit all year round, it is most alive at the beginning of the opening season, when fashionistas from all over the world flock to Atzaro, for its fashion festivals.




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St. Antonio

“San Antonio is famous for its Ibiza Sunsets.” It is a great part of the Island and is very lively.  San Antonio is known for its English crowd, so if you speak English and are looking for the comforts of home this is the place to go. There are no shortage of English and Irish pubs, and it is basically like an aisle of the U.K.  It can get very rowdy and it’s none for its electro music. It is also home to the famous night club Eden and Ibiza Rocks.