Balearic Cuisine

The cuisine of the Balearic Islands is very varied. It takes some hints from the local cuisine which is inspired by locally sourced ingredients combined with a mix of dishes which are inspired from the regional dishes which are common throughout Spain, such as Catalan and Valencian cuisines, as well as other regional Spanish cuisines.Examples of this are dishes such as Paelles. Paelles in the balearics are anything but boring , one can find anything from black paellas tinted with the color from the ink of the squid to lobster Paelles,  and  Ensalada con Queso de Cabra with honey as a dressing. etc. However, the main staple is seafood, with each restaurant serving its own spin on it. Popular Seafoood dishes are various types of fish found in the Mediterranean and also grilled octopus is a very popular dish as in many other parts of the Mediterranean.

The most famous dish of the Balearics is  Majorca’s traditional lobster stew. However, every other Balearic Island puts its unique spin on this traditional dish. ( Another popular Balearic dish is Sobrasada which is a pork pate seasoned with paprika. The Balearics are also known for their olive oil, which can be bought locally or outside of the island.  Other traditional staples of Balearic cuisine include Ensiimadas, a lard based pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar,  Fla’o , a cottage chesese tart( which is influenced by the regions arabian past), its ingredients include eggs, cottage cheese, sugar and mint.  Other pastries include Roboils and Crespells. Another popular food that can be found on the Balearic Islands is Coca, which is similar to Italian pizza without cheese.

Other staples of the Balearic diet include plenty of vegetables, legumes/beans, eggplant, fish such as lobster and grouper. Popular dishes containing these staples are Tombe, Fava Parada, Trempo and Sopas Mallorquienes.  For meat Sobrassada sausage is popular, and also roasts made of lamb and pig. For seafood, Anfos, or baked grouper is traditional as well as Caldreta(lobster stew) which is the most expensive dish in the region.

Other Balearic regional specialties include Mao cheese, which is a hard cows milk cheese, regional Red wines , and Caragols which are a type of snail that is eaten in a stew. In addition to this, it is said that mayonnaise originated in the Balearic Islands. ( )

In addition to the eclectic selection of the regional and national cuisine offered in the Balearics. One can also find a great selection of restaurants serving international foods such as well as Fast Foods Each restaurant offers its own unique dining experience, with beautifully designed decor and exquisitely planned menus. Chest check out the links below to get a restaurant guide of all of the Islands.

Ibiza Dining

Ibiza offers a wonderful dining experience for almost any ones taste from the lovely beachside restaurants serving the best in seafood cuisine, from lovely seaside palleas which run the gamut from black Paellas to Lobster Paella, to Champagne Sangria to the fast food and english style breakfast served on Playa de En Bossa to the lovely sophisticated dining experience of dining in Atzaro Ibiza. Just click on the link below to get a view of Ibizas lovely dining venues.


Formentera Dining

 Although Formentera is most known for its casual dining scene such as the chiringuitos, which are lovely beachside restaurants, that kind of give off a tiki bar vibe. The Island is also expanding to chic restaurant venues. Like most of the other Balearics, Formentera is most known for its seafood , which is locally sourced and is cooked in the local Formentera salt of the island. A very popular specialty that is regularly served in Formentera is a salad called Ensalada Pagesa, which is made from tomatoes, potatoes, bread and dried fish. Leg of lamb is a very popular meat dish, in addition to baked pork with milk mushrooms and lamb stew with artichokes. The Island is also known for its traditional cheese and goat milk and is also a big producer of sobrasada. In addition to this it is also known for its figs which are grown locally and served with cheese and honey. Fried octopus is popular along with fried calamari in its ink, and fish stew with potatoes. A popular desert is Flao, which is fresh cheese pudding with mint leaves.  Formentera is also known for its traditional liquid salt which comes directly from its waters.  Formentera also has a long tradition of wine production and a large abundance of vineyards which produce its wine. For a list of Formentera restaurants check out the links below.







Majorca Dining

Although Majorca is most famous for its  stews, with Caldreta(lobster stew)  being the most celebrated, there is no shortage of fine dining on the Island. In fact, Palma de Mallorca (capital of  Mallorca) is most known for having the most Michelin star restaurants per capita than any of the other Balearics, so dining in Mallorca is truly a unique experience.  Traditional Mallorcan cuisine is undeniably Mediterranean and is served throughout the Island in traditional Mallorcan restaurants called cellars, and this is not just a name, the restaurants are actual cellars which where used to house wine in the past.  In addition to this Mallorca has a reputation for having the best tapas and pintxos bars. In addition to this Mallorca is pretty avant garde when it comes to the food scene, offering everything from hip vegan restaurants to raw food bars. Mallorca also has a great tradition of wine production the  two denominations of origin Binissaleem  and Pla i Llevant de Mallorca. Mallorcan wines can be easily purchased in local bodegas.(  Click on the links below to check out some Mallorcan dining venues.