Ibiza is the third largest Island in the Balearics. However, it is considered the hotspot of the Baleric Islands for its party scene. It is world famous and is internationally known as the party island of the world.  It is close by to Formentera and is located in the same region of the Balearic Islands, which is known as the Pine Islands which is called  Pityuses in latin.

Every year millions of club goers flock to Ibiza from all around the world to watch super star DJ’s perform and participate in its exhilarating nightlife. Ibiza is unique from the other Islands of the Balearics in the sense that it is seasonal and is only open to tourists certain times of year. Its opening seasons are from May to October, and tourists flock from all corners of the globe to participate in the islands world famous opening parties, which are held bi annually in May, which marks the beginning of the season, and mid October , which marks the end of the season.

Although the Island is renown for its party scene its is rather large and varied in terms of atmosphere. One can find anything from a really loud party atmosphere, to a more relaxed family environment in its more laid back less populated parts of the island which offer private beaches. Points of interest on the island include Ibiza Town, Play D’en Bossa, St. Eularia, Port Inax ,St. Antonio and many more.